Jayce K. Ritter



Age: 21
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Game: Push Ups
Favorite Animal: Animals that you can ride into battle
Favorite Book: N/A
One Sentence Description: “Brother, how many do you think we can fight at the same time?"
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 210
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Alignment: True Neutral

Class: Knight 4 / Barbarian 1 / Reaver

HP: 73
AC: 20+

STR 14 +2
DEX 14 +2
CON 16 +3
INT 10 +0
WIS 10 +0
CHA 13 +1

Fort: 7
Ref: 4
Will: 4

BAB: 6/1

Languages: Common, Elvish


Jayce and Illusio, Erasian brothers that were adopted by the Ritter family of Waterwood. The eradication of the Erasian’s race is often a talk of controversy that took place over a 130 Yrs ago, and it’s talk that the brothers are all too familiar with growing up.

Growing up the brothers were calm and kept to each other for the most part, it’s not that they were shy kids, but rather they noticed that no one else looked like them and every stared. Asking their parents didn’t help answer their questions, all they said was “Why does it matter? Your our children”.
As the kids grew older, they became more mischievous to their town. Often they would play pranks -
Illucio: what if we joked around that we slept with each other? Jayce: That sounds hilarious but maybe not with the people in our village
Getting into fights with other kids that looked at them differently or called them names. “Extinct” is a word they heard a lot. While Illusio tried to get along with the other kids, Jayce was more unforgiving, beating up anyone that would look ill towards his brother.

As most adults would consider their actions a seek for attention, others were fed up with their antics, some parents would complain about their kids coming home injured and others complained about the vandalism. After being scolded by their mother and punished by the father, it didn’t take long for the brothers to calm down again. They weren’t awful kids, just kids who wanted answers of who they were and went about it poorly. Shortly after their parents talked with the brothers to let them know how they came to adopt them. It wasn’t enough, they knew of their race and that a man in a cloak left them in this village before heading into the great woods, however they wanted to know more. “How did that man find them?” “Where are their real parents?” were questions they wanted to be answered.

It was a rule among the villagers to never enter the woods, it’s an area where monsters reside and where the Rangers reside. The brothers never had much of an interest in Rangers or the forest, they looked up to Rangers since no one got in their way, but that was it. It wasn’t until hearing of how they got into town that it peaked their interest. The brothers would often be caught at the edge of the forest either just staring into it or yelling “Hey, person who left us, come out”. They were grounded often, they were told it was because of their behavior, but they knew it was to prevent them from going into the forest. Shortly after their 13th birthday, they came up with the plan to train till they’re strong enough to go into the forest. Their mind was set.

Their 15th birthday came around and they felt sure enough that they could go into the forest and find the person that left them in the village. They waited until night when the village was asleep to sneak out, they packed and Jayce grabbed his fathers sword before heading to the forest. Standing at the edge of the forest, they swallowed their fears and entered as they ignored every sense in their body telling them to turn back.

The next morning came when the brother’s parents woke up, noticing that Jayce and Illusio were missing they panicked, waking up the village screaming for their missing children. Lucky for the kids, there were two Rangers staying in the Village Inn. After explaining to the Rangers they rushed into the forest in search for the brothers. Half of the day went by before they saw the kids backed into a corner by a very angry Dire Bear, unfazed by the sword dug deep into its shoulder. The Rangers, quickly deal with the bear then grab the brothers and with a flash, they appeared at the edge of the forest again beside the worried parents.

There isn’t a whole lot to be said after the returned for the forest, a mother and father were brought to tears, a village brought to a sigh of relief, and the Rangers returned to the forest. However, before leaving one turned to the brothers and said: “Become initiated first, become knights, get stronger to the point where you’re not scared to take anyone on but be smart about it. Then and only then return to become Rangers”. The Ranger handed Jayce his sword back “Come to the forest, present your self and call out my name ‘!@#%%#’ and I’ll come to test you”, both disappeared in a blink of an eye. Jayce and Illucio stood there with stars in his eyes, inspired to become a Ranger.

A year goes by, the brothers don’t talk much with the villagers and stay in their rooms most of the time when they aren’t training to become stronger. The kids that were their age come by their windows every once a while to see if the brothers are still there, after being spotted they scurry away every time.

Mother: They’re here to see you two, they think you two are pretty cool and brave for going into the forest. Why don’t you go out and play with them?

A smile breaks out: really?

The journey ends for one of the brothers

The brothers have been through a lot together in the past year, more than what some of the knights would go through in their entire life. This affected the brothers, it warped their minds and made them make brash decisions and countless mistakes. It also made them think they were indestructible, fighting a legion of the dead which has never been seen before can make you think that.

It didn’t take long into their journey for Jayce to grow a hatred of magic, it’s always hurt him in some sort of way, but he endured it. Whether it was being lit on fire, being shrunk to the size of a rat, or just a simple arrow to the back… many many arrows to the back, Jayce endured it to protect his brother and be his shield.

The brother’s journey led them to a desert where it really tested their survival skills, sadly they had no skill for surviving in an environment that they have never been in. They made it pretty far together and this only strengthened their bonds even more. It also led to many strange dreams which always showed something happening to one of the brothers, this worried Jayce the most since he would never want Illuscio to be hurt. The final days in Jayce’s life were spent in a stone dome created by the man he admired more than anyone else. He felt ashamed for being judged my Marshall for not being able to survive the desert on his own so he worked hard cutting away at the stone to escape, his body hurt and was worn down after days of chipping away slowly.

One day Valencia had the idea to summon beasts to help bring down the wall, he was exhausted enough to be happy with the idea. Unfortunately for the party, the attempt went wrong and instead monstrous hounds erupted from her body that formed into a giant beast that attacked us. With one spell failing, sure enough, another one would fail too as Lionel sunk himself under the sand. After Illusio defeated the beast, Jayce rushed to dig Lionel out of the sand since he was the only means of them surviving the desert. With one disaster after another, Lionel had passed away as he suffocated under the sand. The party grieved and worried on how they would escape. Jayce looked at his brother and knew that there was only one way that his brother would live and that’s with Lionel coming back, he had a dream about this, so he made a wish to a god. Take my place instead of Lionel, my brother must live.

He smiled to Illusio; You have to promise me that you will become a Ranger for me and that you will see Sarah again, I know you really liked her.

Jayce woke up at the pearly gates and passed Lionel; Promise me that you will take care of my brother, he means everything to me.

They had a high five of their own that cracked the air, after that he disappeared.

Dang, I really wanted to be a Ranger too. Dreams aren’t achievable for everyone I guess.

Jayce K. Ritter

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