Gwyn, The Exiled Knight of Ferras



Age: 121
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Color: Crimson
Favorite Game: Card Games
Favorite Animal: Pythons
Favorite Book: Book of Ascension
One Sentence Description: “Can you fly?"
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 200
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Black

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Duskblade 7

HP: 69
AC: 20

STR 18 +4
DEX 16 +3
CON 16 +3
INT 15 +2
WIS 14 +2
CHA 14 +2

Fort: 8
Ref: 5
Will: 7

BAB: 7/2

Languages: Common, Elvin, Abyssal, Celestial


How long have I been roaming this dessert, it’s been months now.

I wasn’t raised in a noble or rich family, but I wasn’t raised in a poor one either. I grew up in Ferras in the Middle Class distract with parents who weren’t able to conceive their own child so they adopted me. I was happy growing up and so were they. I was about 9 when I discovered that I was able to cast magic, at first it was just simple cantrips but it was magic none the less. Normally families are happy to see that they have a Mage in their family, I mean who wouldn’t be, magic is a rare thing to come by. However, they were furious and scared. All they ever heard was horror stories of magic users killing their own parents with flame or blowing up entire blocks, so they beat me, they beat me to make sure that I wouldn’t ever cast a spell again. I was a kid so it took me a few times to understand that magic was bad, no one ever questioned the bruises.

I never used magic after growing up and never told anyone about it either, in fact, my parents would deny it every time. There was so much that I wanted to learn about using magic but any curiosity towards it lead to physical interactions with my parents. When I first became initiated to becoming a knight, it felt like a bird living in a cage who’s finally free. However, even though I was able to leave home I still never told anyone that I was able to use magic. I just picked up a sword and fought like everyone else, I was a mage masquerading as a knight.

I became a knight shortly after and was able to quickly climb up the ranks, 20 years later I became a Captain. During the heat of battle, my blade would flare up with fire, electricity, or energy of some sort, I even sent a person flying 30 feet up in the air by just simply touching them with my blade. I hid it as much as possible and would often avoid combat to prevent things like that happening again, I didn’t want people knowing that I was a Mage. This worried me so I spent a lot of time watching mages train and enchanters create items so I can teach my self to better control my abilities.

Sometime later I took some time off and returned home to visit my family, while I stayed with them I would stay up at night thinking about what I saw the mages and enchanters would do. One night I decided I would test out an enchantment on my Long Blade, I figured that since I’ve seen them do it enough that I would be able to do it myself. The only question I had for myself was “what did I want the sword to do”. I decided that I would put everything that I know into it. Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dimensional Hop, and so much more.

They should put a warning sign that says “don’t do enchanting”. As soon as I began the enchanting was the same time that I lost control of the enchantment. The house glowed of magic, energy surging out of the blade. My parents came running into the room frantic and wondering what was going on. Unfortunately, I lost consciousness as my energy was being sucked out of me.

I woke up a few days later in a heavily guarded prison cell. Guarded by the same people that worked for me. Some were happy to see that I woke up and was ok, but most were angry because of what I had done and it was understandable because of how reckless I was. After I lost consciousness, the enchantment had gone for the worse. My parents had pulled me off of the sword and threw me aside, however, when they pulled me off it caused an explosion. Lucky for me that I survived it with minimal damage but my parents were lost in the explosion and our house had crumbled down. When I regained consciousness I noticed how weak I was/felt, my strength that I had trained for years slipped away and my bodies stature shrunk. It was one of the drawbacks to enchanting that I was not aware of, when enchanting you are putting your experience as a mage into that item. After I woke up I was immediately summoned to court to report for my foolishness. The trial lasted for hours as many angry Mages and Generals yelled that I should be executed for my crimes, that I could have killed far more than I did for my recklessness. I didn’t fight to defend myself, I accepted whatever fate they would brand me with.

The trial finally came to an end with the decision for me to be exiled to the Erezian dessert and to never return to Ferras. I can understand why they agreed to an exile to the dessert, it’s a wasteland that no one can cross. With how weak I had become, it was a sure way to ensure my death. I was given a day to prepare before I was teleported to the dessert by a mage, I was allowed to keep my belongings along with my armor and sword to defend myself for as long as I could. The next day I was teleported into the dessert where I battled for my life against not only the monsters of the dessert but the environment as well.

I promised myself that I would survive and that I wouldn’t forsake my magic because of grief, but rather learn and teach myself to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again. I’ll become a knight again and make sure that no one makes the same mistake as I did.


Gwyn, The Exiled Knight of Ferras

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