Lionel Sun



A gorgeous young man with flowing red hair and green eyes. His smile is brimming with mischief and the young royal’s behavior is a constant source of terror among his peers. Being only nineteen his soft features haven’t gone away yet, which can occasionally make his authoritarian commands look comical. Those who have laughed openly about it though have learned what a Prince’s temper can do.

Age: 19
Favorite Food: Bread with tomato, cheese, and whatever else.
Favorite Color: Golden
Favorite Game: Fetch
Favorite Animal: Celestial Pitbull (Celestial Pugs are a near second).
Favorite Book: The Epic of Garugamesh
Describe Yourself in One Sentence: “The lion of all things magical.”
Height: 5’7’’

Class: Cleric 3/Sorcerer 4
HP: 34 (3d8+4d6)
AC: 10
Str: 10
Dex: 10
Con: 10
Int: 13
Wis: 18
Cha: 18


Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish.

Spell List:


The first spark of magic the child demonstrated for his mother was at the unripened age of six. From that moment on his life was defined by the halls of the Magic Academy. It would take an another entire lifetime that the child lived through before he began matching the age of the other students.

The classes were aggravating to be part of. The other students sat and practiced with patience, but the boy was barely capable of capping his excitement and energy to be alive to waste it being stuffed in a classroom.
It began by filling countless boring hours. The magic training was tedious and slow, yet a force ebbed in Lionel that he brought to manifestation. And just like that the magic was done, not with the spark but with his own will. It was the start to a stunning revelation.

Auramancy, something for a lesser person. Lionel learned quickly his new discovery was unappreciated and discouraged. Yet he never discounted it in a pinch, what the mages didn’t see wouldn’t be lost on him too. Power is power.

That philosophy brought the young Mage into some dark corners of the world’s history. Magic that the academy insisted was simply a tool was more to Lionel, it was perversion of his life’s work. In solemness, the young prince knew he was an enemy to the bowels of depravity such other Mages would walk.

Having survived a massacre of most of the school’s students, the prince immediately knew something heinous had transpired and he would find out what.

Some days the young Prince takes his magical studies more seriously than others.

Chapter 1:
After running away from home to adventure with the party, his mother came to inform the group that this was an excellent opportunity to declare war against the River kingdom. It was a sobering conversation which earned some of the only praise Lionel has received from his mother. Yet it was only because his disappearance could be explained as a kidnapping instead of leaving of his own volition.

In face of the harsh conditions of being raised as Rosaline’s son, Lionel kept a stiff upper lip and continues to set his eyes onward. They all had a desert to prepare for after all.

Chapter 2:
Traveling through the desert is a trial of its own merit. The journey has silenced the young prince, he is now far more conservative with his words and instead fixing his gaze on the horizon ahead. His life would amount to nothing to die so soon.

There is wickedness in Deimos and Lionel is intent on eradicating it.

Chapter 3:
Traveling through the desert Lionel stumbled into the Golden City of the Four Oasis and learned of magical secrets keeping the city of people trapped inside. Upon learning the city would trap him as well Lionel quickly departed, not forgetting his desire to free the people inside one day.

Hitting the fifth oasis with a new book of sand magic that Illucio had discovered and Jayce retrieved, Lionel took to studying the archaic designs within and became capable of protecting the two from the desert’s dark influence.

Upon seeing a mega sandstorm in the distance the party called out for help from Marshal who lightly scolded them on their lack of action in the matter. Marshal did however save them by creating a large stone sphere which he then departed from.

Several days pass as Jayce chipped away at the rock, and Valencia then shattered much more of the rock. Upon going to sleep for the night Valencia accidentally summoned multiple hell hounds that become one large one.

Lionel attempted difficult magic to subsume the beast, yet only buried himself with the dangerous magic. Suffocating horribly, the young prince died buried just a few feet under the sand.

Once unearthed Jayce ultimately decided to sacrifice his life to bring back Lionel to ensure his brother’s safety. This was sealed with an earth shattering high five as they passed each other just outside the golden gates.

Never would the young prince forget the man he hoped would be his knight, and with all the determination in his heart he would protect Illucio just as fervently as his brother did.

Lionel Sun

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