Illusio Ritter

-Deceased - Use Rope


Age: 21
Favorite Food: Fish and rice
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Game: Untie the knot
Favorite Animal: Snakes
Favorite Book: Sailors Guide to Rivers
One Sentence Description: “You can untie the whole thing by just pulling this one loose string”
Height: 5’8"

Class: Rogue 5/ Skirmisher 3

STR 11 +0
DEX 18 +4
CON 10 +0
INT 12 +1
WIS 12 +1
CHA 12 +1

Languages: Common, Gnomish


Waterwood, the town Illusio was raised in, is a humble little village near the northern-western point of the River Kingdom. Its proximity to The Greatwood gives an odd sense of grandeur to its residents, especially the young who’ve yet to experience the true hardships of this world.

Illusio Ritter’s place in this world has yet to be determined, but his upbringing stems from his proximity to The Greatwood. Though the Ritter family is known for rearing and raising Knights, Illusio was especially driven to glory as his intensity bounced off his equally tantamount brother Jayce Ritter. Jayce and Illusio match each other in recklessness and balance each other worldly strengths. Where Illusio is hesitant, Jayce is headstrong. When Jayce is egocentric… well, Illusio is as well. The two brothers had their fair share of mischief growing together but their journey into this world has only just started.

Then one day…

Illusio and a party of heroic adventurers, while traversing the dessert, found themselves in an impossible situation. Desperate to live the party called out to the Ranger who had given them the task. He arrived saving them, and also forcing them to realize their lack of preparedness and true skill. They found themselves trapped in a large stone sphere where the Ranger left them for better or for worse. Guilt ridden Illusio watched his brother use a magic sword they had found to start carving an exit from the tomb. To speed up their exit spells were cast that… caused a party member to lose his life. In an act of courage Jayce offered his soul in place of the spell-casters, ensuring the parties survival.
Illusio watched as a beautiful woman appeared, the goddess Jezebel, and whispered into Jayce’s ear, “Tell me a story.” The goddess and his brother faded from existence as the spell-casting companion arose from the dead.

“Why did he sacrifice himself?” Illusio’s mind couldn’t comprehend what had happened. “Why did he… make a deal?” Illusio could only think to himself. He dare not utter the word aloud; only ponder what god would agree to something so circumscribed.
Nothing else entered his mind for the next few months. The party made it across the dessert and Illusio felt no accomplishment as they entered the Kingdom of Morning. “Mouring more like,” he thought to himself. He knew he needed to come out of this dark spiral he’d fallen into. Illusio found himself deep underneath the city of Aegis. Breaking into a stronghold the party turned to Illusio’s nimble fingers to open a heavily guarded back room. Hidden far in the back of the room, a set of armor brought him back to reality. Beautiful glowing Ranger armor.

“Brother, I will honor you. I will see you again someday even if I have to fight my way to the gates to get to you. And when I see you, I will have a story that even Jezebel will long to hear.”

Illusio Ritter

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