Age: 40
Favorite activity: Coin tricks for kids
Favorite Quote: “insert random monk line here
Height: 6’5"
Skin color: Gray

Class: 5 levels of Monk, 1 level of Follower of the Hidden Path



Abandoned at the age of 13 Gaileon spent the the next 3 years wandering town to town trying to find his place in the world. One day when he was wandering the streets a gang of thugs came and started roughing him up. Gaileon put up a decent fight but was ultimately out matched and out numbered until a monk stepped in and disbanded the thugs with ease. Gaileon notice that no matter how sure he was that the monk was going to get hit during that fight the attacks would oddly miss him every time. After the fight and before the monk left Gaileon approached him and asked him how he did what he did and if there was anyway that he could show Gaileon how to do it. The monk stared at him for a long time then started asking him personal questions about his life. Where he came from, How he was survived the passed few years. The monk then extended his aura in to Gaileon and saw that he had potential as a fighter. He just needed to be trained in the ways of a monk. So he took Gaileon back to the Hidden Falls Sanctuary where he trained for the next 15 years.

While training there the mysterious woman who only went by Master saw the goodness inside him and started training him in the secret fighting style of the Hidden Worlds. Eventually Gaileon felt a beckoning back in to the world. So he broached the subject of leaving the monastery to Master. As if she new it was coming she told him he may leave but if he does his training will stagger, he will always struggle to stay in balance, and will experience great hardships that nothing in life will prepare him for. Begrudgingly he decided to set out in to the world again. At first he just wandered around working for his meals and stay until he came across a town in the middle of the of the river kingdom where he met a small family that was having a lot of hardships, where a sickness had recently killed the father leaving his wife and very young two sons. She was unable to care for their farm, kids, and house. Gaileon offered to assist on the farm as he was very wary of traveling and wanted a bit of rest from it. All that he asked of her was a place to stay and food to eat. So stayed with them for close to a year until on day when he was returning from a local town that he was purchasing some good from, when he noticed a large band of men on horse approaching him. He hid from the as they passed by, But as soon as they left he had a bad feeling in the back of his mind. So he sprinted back to the farm where he came across the bodies of the two boys in the front lawn. and when he went in to the house he found the body of there mother that he could tell had been raped and murdered. Filled with rage and grief he set off in the direction of the men that he had passed on the way back. He spent the next 2 months tracking them down until he found and confronted them. He fought and killed all 20 on them and left with just a strand of his life remaining, he wandered in half consciousness. He came to a well traveled road where he passed out and started to die. Until a Priest of Dalh came and stabilized him and got him back to the temple. While at the temple Gaileon talked about his passed few months and the priest taught him about Dalh and for some reason Dalh’s message made sense to him. taking a small knife Gaileon heated the blade and started carving 20 small lines in his right arm. He vowed to himself at that moment that he would try and achieve the balance of Dalh. So he set off in to the world in search of the balance he needed.


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